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Don't ignore your health no matter how busy you are! Our Amory -  Smartwatch is your perfect buddy for your day-to-day activities. This smartwatch enables you to utilize essential things that are not available on regular watches, such as real-time heart rate measurement, ECG monitor, body temperature monitoring, drinking water reminders, and more. 

Additionally, the product will provide a high degree of connectivity, so you never lose connection when you need it the most. Using the app, you can have hands-free communication through calling and receiving push messages. Be innovative and trendy wearing this fantastic smartwatch today!


  • Brief operation of hand ring
  • Touch function   
  •  Charge
  • The charging clamp can be clamped on the main engine to charge normally.       
  • When the bracelet is charged, the battery power grid scrolls to display. When the battery is full, the battery symbol on the screen shows a full grid. 
  • Health data 
  •    In the movement interface, long press touch to enter the movement mode, which is divided into running, riding, jogging, swimming, football, basketball, jumping rope, badminton mode; in the heart rate interface, long press touch to enter the test mode, the heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen mode are the same; in the information interface, long press touch to enter the information viewing; More interfaces, long touch, access to the lower menu; after the successful connection between the hand ring and APK Bluetooth, the hand ring end pacing/sleep/heart rate data will automatically synchronize to the mobile phone in real-time, and the APK home page interface can synchronize the power of the hand ring end.  
  • Sleep monitoring can be done from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m., but not during other periods.
  •  In more interfaces, long-press touch, access options (about stopwatch, two-dimensional code, reset, shutdown, etc.): in the reset interface, long-press touch, can restore factory settings; in the shutdown interface, long-press touch, shutdown; on, options can view version and Bluetooth address; in the two-dimensional code interface, long-press touch, two-dimensional code pop-up, mobile phones can scan and download APP.
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Da Fit down load
  • Download through the application market:
  • Android: application treasure, peapod, and other application market search Da Fit to download
  • IOS side: App Store search Da Fit to download
  • Download by QR code:
  • Android: WeChat or other applications, and the link jumps to the download interface to download;
  • IOS side: WeChat or other applications, and choose to jump to the download interface to download via qq browser or local Safari browser link.
  • Android phone app name:Da Fit     Apple mobile APP name:Da Fit
  • Installation completion icon as shown:
  •  Log in
  • Open Da Fit, as shown below:
  • Bluetooth connection
  • After the bracelet is turned on, Bluetooth is always searched. Go to the Da Fit page, click More Options, click Connect Device, click Search, select the name of the device you want to connect to and click Connect to connect successfully.
  • After the Bluetooth connection is successful, the time of the bracelet is synchronized with the time of the mobile phone. The APK clicks to find the bracelet, and the bracelet vibrates and displays the prompt icon.
  • Bluetooth auto reconnection:
  • There is no reminder beyond the Bluetooth connection range. When the bracelet reaches the Bluetooth connection range, the APK will be automatically reconnected when the Bluetooth is connected.
  • Close the application background or restart the phone or click the one-button cleaning that comes with the phone, and enter Da Fit again. Within the valid range of Bluetooth connections, Bluetooth will automatically reconnect.
  • Other functions
  •  The following functions can be implemented only after successfully logging in to the apk and the Bluetooth connection is successful.
  • Notice
  • Including call notification, SMS notification, message notification, WeChat message notification (Example: Turn on-call notification in the setting, when the mobile phone receives an incoming call, the wristband vibrates and the screen prompts, the interface will display the caller icon, click the touch button Stop reminding).
  • Do not disturb mode
  •  When the Do Not Disturb mode is turned on, all notification notifications that are turned on in the setting except the alarm clock will no longer have an automatic bright screen vibration reminder on the wristband end.
  • Sedentary reminder
  •   Set the start to end time period and sedentary time interval (minutes), threshold (steps), click to enter the repeat setting to select the sedentary reminder date (week), when the sedentary time arrives, the bracelet end brightly vibrates and displays a reminder icon.
  • Alarm reminder
  •  The APK side clicks the alarm reminder setting to add the alarm time. When the alarm time arrives, the bracelet end vibrates and the screen prompts and displays the alarm icon.
  • Reminder mode:
  • Bright screen: When the mobile phone APK side sets the alarm time to arrive or receives the push message, the wristband end only displays the bright screen reminder;
  • Vibration: When the mobile phone APK sets the alarm time to arrive or receives the push message, only the vibration reminder appears on the wrist end;
  • Bright screen + vibration: When the mobile phone APK side sets the alarm time to arrive or receives the push message, the wrist ring displays bright screen + vibration reminder;
  • Gesture Intelligence:
  • Select the wearing method (left hand / right hand) and wear the bracelet on the selected hand (left hand / right hand);
  • Raise the hand to brighten the screen: Turn on the hand to brighten the screen, raise the hand so that the bracelet is tilted inward toward the front of the hand, and the wristband end displays a bright screen;
  • Turning the wrist screen: Turn on the wrist and brighten the screen. The 90-degree flip makes the wristband tilt inward toward the front of the wrist, and the wristband displays a bright screen.
  • Unbinding the device:
  • Open Da Fit, in the “More” interface, click “Connect Device” will pop up “Current Device” “Disconnected from Current Device”, click, it will appear whether to disconnect Bluetooth, select “OK” to unbind ( Under the premise of successful Bluetooth connection). Synchronize to the Bluetooth device in the system settings.    


  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
  •  Screen size: Color screen 0.96 inches     Screen pixels: 80*160
  • Compatible system: above Android4.0, above iso7.0\
  •  Standby time: routine standby for 15 days, 5---7 days in use


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